Sunday, April 19, 2009

Manpuku @ Tampines 1

Manpuku is a 500-seater food hall and has 10 of Japan's established brands.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

OSIM SONA Pillow - Stop Snoring!

This odd shaped normal latex pillow is one of the most wonderful creation ever. Totally worth $99 (original price at $199).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tandoori Restaurant

Nothing much to shout about this Indian restaurant @ Serangoon Plaza. The food was ok but not worth the $$. Everest Kitchen is way much better.

Hill St Bak Chor Mee & Marina Barrage

Hill St Bak Chor Mee
We were there around 1+ and it was raining quite heavily but there was already a queue of 20 - 30 people there waiting to get their bak chor mee fix. Took us 45 mins to finally smell vinegar and taste the bak chor. It's really good, better than the Bestway one, noodles are chewier and the vinegar taste is stronger or more obvious, according to James.

2 stalls away is a western food stall and couldn't resist the temptation and ordered a Pork Roll with Bleu Cheese to share... yummy.

After the sinful and sumptuous meal, we head down to the Marina Barrage . The weather was perfect for kite flying.

OldTown White Coffee @ Playground

OldTown White Coffee @ Playground

The Playground is a rather boring place, far from being a 'playground'. I think its only good for business functions.

The Curry Mee is so so only, not worth the $5.90. Nasi Rendang Chicken was better, pretty good.

Hans @ The Chevrons

Love the space and environment of this Hans Restaurant @ The Chevrons except its ridiculously far from my place.

My Parent's Plantation

Chuan Bee Lor Mee

My favourite Lor Mee in town...