Monday, March 31, 2008

Hope that it’s good news

I've got a missed call from the SPCA at 7.31pm... I was in my tutorial class! Have to wait for the inspector to reply my email or call again.

Is everything ok with the puppy? I haven’t seen the cage and the puppy since last Friday night.

This morning at 7.35am... no more puppy...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My 3rd Minou

I popped over to Minou at Far East Square after my 3rd Body Brush Massage today. I simply love their creative designs esp when Minou is all cows and cats... 2 of my favorite animals.

I bought a pair of non canvas slip on from their Ladies Executive range at $45 (offer price). Not so lucky today as there wasn’t much designs that comes with my size on display. I shall order online the next time.

My old Minou on the left, the new on the right.

My first pair of Minou.

Dinner @ MOF My Izakaya

Meet James at Marina Square to have MOF (Ministry of Food) @ My Izakaya. The place seems packed but we didn’t have to wait long for a table.

Overall, it’s beyond my expectation. The food was great, reasonable pricing for fresh and generous portion. Staff was prompt, friendly and attentive. Staffs who are china nationals with difficulties communicating in English wear a tag to preempt customers. Layout and ambience has been tactfully designed.

We will definitely come back again.

Marina Square Centrestage

2 sets of menu. They are readily available under each table together with serviettes and serving plates.

Seafood Toji Set - prawns, sotong, scallops, lala (a kind of soft-shell clam), mushrooms onions and eggs poured over in a tasty broth in a hot plate; over a fire, about 4 pieces of fried chicken and other jap accompaniments like pickles, chilli flakes and miso soup.

Eel Bento Set

Soft shell crab maki

Complimentary gourmet coffee - choice of coffee or tea with any set meal ordered. There is no expiry and no further purchase is required to redeem.

Coffee served using fine china...

Made in Japan.

Add $3 to the set meal ordered and you can order a dessert that cost $6.50 or less.

We ordered the Abekawa – oven baked jap mochi with jap soya bean powder and red bean paste from Hokkaido. It’s superb, chewy soft on the inside and crispy thin on the outside. And it goes well with the red bean paste.

Friendly and attentive staff.

Nice decor...

We're coming soon... Singapore Flyer!

I took a ride from SGN to Suntec last night and took pictures of the Singapore Flyer along the Benjamin Sheares Bridge.

I bought the tickets @ 30% off the original price thru ah ger. James and I are still contemplating what is the best time to take this giant observation wheel for the best ‘panoramic views of Singapore and beyond’.

Doggy... wru?

Doggy sniffing its own shit at the same time enjoying the heat from the morning sun with the cushions on the parapet yesterday at 7.44am.

When I came back at night, doggy was gone…

No sight of it today as well. Is it inside the house? Did they give it away? Did the SPCA inspector came and rescued it? What happen to doggy?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dragon Fruit Plant

Ah nia took pictures of this red flesh dragon fruit tree at her in law's place in Perak. Apparently, the flower opens at midnight.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


This fruit yogurt jelly by Triko Foods from Taiwan is super nice. This one has plentiful of strawberry jelly in the yogurt. The other one I had have pieces of actual tangerine in it. Can’t remember where James bought it. Must go back to buy more.

Lunch @ Delifrance

Had lunch with Asma & tajie (a.k.a. my twin) at Delifrance, Tampines. Overall, the food was good and service passable. It’s a little too pricy though, plus the 10% service charge and 7% GST (about $10), our total bill adds up to $61.05.

Add on $2 for soup of the day with any order of main course

Asma ordered the Lamb Shank @ $17.95

My Lamb T-Bone @ $16.95

Tajie's seafood baked rice @ $12.95

How much is that doggy in the cage...

The SPCA inspector says that they will update me once they have completed their investigations.

Usually I will take the stairs in the morning but today I detoured to take the lift so that I can check on the puppy. Without surprise, the little fellow was already out at the corridor … at 7.30am.

The owner has started her daily cleaning routine. She is one that is very particular about cleanliness and she will clean the house and wash the corridor everyday. I realized her habit of cleaning during the period when I was enjoying life; outside the workforce.

So I guess poor doggy stayed outside for the next 12 hours or worst… it never belongs inside.

I wonder if it was given an umbrella for the heavy downpour earlier.

At 7.30am...

At 7.40pm...

Donut Factory

Lunch @ Tampines

Lunch with tajie at our favorite sliced fish soup stall in the coffeeshop outside S11.

Help is coming…

SPCA replied!

I really appreciate that the SPCA is willing to look into this.

I reiterated to them that I am not certain if the puppy’s living condition is healthy (physically and mentally) as I do not have any pet and I am definitely not an expert in this area.

But personally, I feel that the cage is unfit for a dog especially a little active puppy. It’s not a rabbit or hamster that can be caged.

I took these photos just now. The puppy looks more alert today but its still giving me that “rescue me” look.

I wonder how soon will SPCA be here to investigate.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hang in there...

No reply from SPCA yet. I really hope they can take the time to come and rescue the puppy.

The picture I took with my mobile was at distance. I cropped it for better visibility of the doggy. I found it in this position, motionless and ignored anyone walking by. It cannot be sun bathing right?

The Body Shop Warehouse Sale

The Body Shop Warehouse Sale is on from 27 – 30 March (Thur – Sun).

11am – 8pm @ Suntec Convention Centre, Gallery East Level 3 (above Food Republic).

Savings of up to 70%!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunday Late Lunch @ Pepper Lunch

SPCA... Help!

I’ve sent a SOS email to SPCA.

“I hope you can come visit this little puppy soon. Although I think its owner has given him sufficient food and water; this little puppy is deprived of freedom and attention.

When I first saw it about 2 weeks ago, it’s still very alert and curious when ever someone walked pass his cage which is placed along the corridor for most part of the day; everyday. Now, it no longer pays attention to passer-by and behaves rather strangely. Once I saw it tilt its head up high (in the picture, nose pointing towards the sky) with his eyes closed and ignore me when I walked close to it. I thought it was dead.

Now, its white fur is getting very dirty and doesn’t look healthy. Sometimes there are even faeces in the cage. Today I saw the puppy sleeping in a pile of torn newspaper.

This same cage was previously used to cage a rabbit about 2 years ago by the same owner. Likewise, the caged rabbit was placed along the corridor for most part of the day; everyday. Couple of months ago, I stop seeing the rabbit. They got hamsters instead but with proper housing. Again, they left the hamsters in their cage along the corridor. Now the hamsters were also gone.

I’m not certain if the little puppy is living in a good condition or is this case of animal cruelty. I hope you can have someone to look at the situation and perhaps educate the family to treat and care for their pets.

You can find the puppy at …(address).”