Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lecture on Customer Experience

I think I have better Customer Experience than the lecturer lecturing on the topic.

- Printing fault by NYP causes huge chunk of notes not printed and we have to waste time taking down notes.

- No QC of the materials. This is definitely not NYP’s first time handling printing of lecture notes. Nobody bothers to do a QC and verify that all materials are in place. This happened once in term one.

- Lecturer pushing us to buy the text book for the wrong reasons..
.. The textbook is about customer experience in general and not targeted at the tourism industry; thus why need to buy the book
.. Notes summarizes the textbook and it’s the duty of the lecturer to explain, fill students in with the information and relevant experience; thus why need to buy the textbook
.. Poor time management and later deprive us ample time to take down notes which was not our fault; thus why need to buy the book

- Lecturer should have offered to post the full sets of notes on CMS or at least check with the relevant party on how best their customer i.e. US can have access to the notes that we have paid for.

- Granted that the part-time lecturer is new to NYP and its her first day on the job but as a working adult who has all the necessary credentials to be giving lecture on Customer Experience, she should have taken accountability and not simply putting off by saying she is new, the notes are not prepared by her, she has no control over how things are run etc etc etc….

- Granted that Lecturer is a Uni grad, she need not tell us what her uni lecturer have told her to be self sufficient and not rely on lecturer on the notes when faced with complains by fellow classmates. Bloody hell, we are part-time specialist dip students, not taking some full time university course by some professor. And fyi, most of us are already uni grads and some (or at least one that I know) with masters.

- Assignment topics or case studies are from the textbook. The school should have printed them and append them. Unless it is a compulsory textbook that was communicated to us right before we signed up for the course, I’m not prepared to buy any book. Why force us indirectly to buy it now?

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