Thursday, March 27, 2008

How much is that doggy in the cage...

The SPCA inspector says that they will update me once they have completed their investigations.

Usually I will take the stairs in the morning but today I detoured to take the lift so that I can check on the puppy. Without surprise, the little fellow was already out at the corridor … at 7.30am.

The owner has started her daily cleaning routine. She is one that is very particular about cleanliness and she will clean the house and wash the corridor everyday. I realized her habit of cleaning during the period when I was enjoying life; outside the workforce.

So I guess poor doggy stayed outside for the next 12 hours or worst… it never belongs inside.

I wonder if it was given an umbrella for the heavy downpour earlier.

At 7.30am...

At 7.40pm...

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