Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lunch @ Philip St Coffeeshop

I was in town for a meeting at headoffice on Wed and had lunch with Siew Loo & Benny. This roast pork stall along Philip Street never fails to attract a long queue during lunch hour.

Dear Benny got carried away and ordered all these for $27.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Looking for Contract Staff

My team is looking for contract (1 year) staff. Candidate may have chance to be perm. Anyone interested?

- Interest and aptitude to assist in streamlining processes, workflow and assist with defining user requirements gathering.
- The resource must have knowledge on Software Development Life Cycle and Project Management Practices.
- Be able to manage and execute small size projects from initiation, requirement gathering, design, testing and deployment. He/She will need to do the necessary project documentation, work with development team to fit the requirements into the system, conduct testing and perform training to end users on the new processes to be deployed.
- Candidate with technical skill on Sharepoint reporting tool, relational Database like SQL, Oracle, Reporting tool will be a strong plus as the candidate can also be deployed to assist the development team.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


We had dinner at ThaiExpress, Raffles City Shopping Centre after the concert.

Initially we wanted to go Shokudo which is a japanese style restaurant with Marche's concept but the queue was
so damn long that we gave up the thought. Come and be tempted by

Chipped plastic cup

Pineapple syrup with pineapple chunks & cocoanut ice cream and Singapore most expensive coconut… $5.50! Shop N Save is selling @ $1 only! We are the bigger coconuts to order it.

Supposedly Bangkok’s most famous chicken rice… it’s just normal rice with very deep fried chicken.


重逢 6 Concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall.

The 3 hours concert brings me down memory lane. Great effort by the organizers to gather many local and foreign artists who were once (many are still) music enthusiastic. Although many have moved behind the sence, some have already switched lines and leading an ordinary life.

Bye Bye... Rats!

Took some more shots of the golden rats at the park before they disappears…

5 STAR Corner & 良辰美点

Best selling western food in Hougang – 5 Star Corner. I like their grilled dory fish by its pretty expensive at $7+. Their hotplate stuff are also good… sizzling hot.

Fish & Chip @ $5.50

Black pepper chicken chop @ $5

One of the best egg tarts - Liang Chen Mei Dian in Sago Street. But we somehow prefer the ones by Tong Heng Chinese confectionary which is just across the street.

Dear kitty’s tail stopped swinging…

My dear kitty clock died… I can’t remember if it was a gift or I bought it like 10 years ago. For a good 5 years or so I cold storage it until when I shifted to my new house about 2 years ago.

I like this clock cos it’s unique and it has my favorite animal on it, plus the tail sways like the pendulum on the grandfather’s clock.

Dear kitty clock… RIP

Close Accounting

Now that CNY is over, we took down the décor and did closing of our books.
The ang pows we received covers half the amount that we have given.… not bad eh.

Ang pows received

Tenth day of CNY

Doggy’s annual CNY open house and she started preparing all the food since 7am… while I was still in dreamland.

Some of the food items:
- Fried bee hoon
- Fish balls
- Meat balls
- 五香
- Chicken nuggets
- Samosa & popiah
- Fried chicken wings
- Curry veg
- Shark's fin soup

- White fungus with longan dessert

Dog's house

Food, glorious food

Ah Puay's $400 Burberry handbag... with my cheapo 'I'm NOT a plasic bag'

Finally... the DOG!