Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thai Smile Cafe @ Lor Telok

Lor Telok is next to Circular Road (near Boat Quay) and South Bridge Road. Thai Smile Café is opened by the Thais and they serve good authentic Thai food at a reasonable price... only S$4.90 for a set.

Ah nia, ta jie and I went there for lunch after my meeting in HQ. It was packed during lunch time. My fried rice and Ah nia’s fried rice with shrimp paste were really good. Ta jie had Tom Tam Seafood + rice; the Tom Yam was good except that there wasn’t much seafood inside.

Ah nia also helped some colleagues who are too busy (or simply lazy) to get their own to tapao 4 packs for salted fish fried rice. One of the staff put them on our table while we were still eating but the Thai lady boss took them back shortly murmuring in Thai’ish teochew which we couldn’t understand.

Took them awhile to come back with the 4 packets and this time I understood what she was saying. Apparently the staff didn’t pack enough portions of fried rice and the lady Thai felt bad and insist that they top them up. She said she felt guilty and wouldn’t be able to sleep at night for cheating… how honest and simply lovable.

We couldn’t tell the difference cos we didn’t see of weigh the packets before the adjustments. Nonetheless, it was a good experience and I would definitely come back.

I miss this area in town… it’s a food paradise. Killiney kopitiam’s curry chicken, prawn noodle, prata, Korean restaurant, Hong Kong roast pork rice, etc…

Fried rice

Fried rice with shrimp paste

Tom Tam Seafood + rice

2 choices of desserts... free with the set

The boss

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