Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy New Year!

New Role...New Office...New Start. A week on my new role in the new office... so far so good.

Goodies From Narita Airport - Japan

Expensive and not so fantastic goodies from Narita Airport... except for See's Candies & the Gummy bears are from US.

Dim Sum @ Hua Nam Restaurant 华南菜馆

244F Upper Thomson RoadThomson Garden Estate
Opening Daily 7am – 11.30pm

Satay @ Malay Village

Twins had lunch with Godma

Huimin brought the twins and her mum to Tampines 1 to meet me for lunch @ Dian Xiao Er.

Scissor-Cut Curry Rice & Ice Monster

The Seafood - Farewell Lunch

My first farewell lunch with Ms Lim & Ms Giam @ The Seafood - Ala Carte Buffet Lunch.