Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Interim Update

Ever since I started work, I haven’t had a good opportunity to pen down my thoughts on things that I have encountered and happenings around me but I’ll try. I have short term memory and these little notes will help me to remember and recall my thoughts in future.

Last week, I sat for my term one exam. The marketing paper was kind off expected cos of the ‘explicit’ exam tips given by my lovable flamboyant lecturer John. Although the questions were no surprise, it’s a test of your writing speed and how well you were with comprehension back in primary school. Stupid as it may seem but I actually have problem with spelling. I’m so used to ‘writing’ with the computer and most writing application comes equipped with this excellent spell check feature that I dun bother if the word ‘traveler’ is spelled with one or two 'L'.

The only downside is when I conveniently, blindly accepted the word suggested by the computer to replace a wrongly spelled word… like instead of Annual, I typed Annal and it came out Anal… “please refer to the Anal report attached…”

To finish 5 case studies in 2 hours was the major challenge for all especially for the more seniors. I have classmates who are retired and in the late 40s and most haven’t sat for any writing intensive exam for the last 10 years. The last time I struggled to finish a paper using a pen was like 3 -4 years ago when I was attempting for CITPM. It was hell…

The hospitality & resort mgmt paper was tough although there weren’t many materials to study on. There were only 4 questions but every question was a killer. It’s testing our general knowledge of the tourism industry, the cultural and political impact on the host country. There really was no right or wrong answers but how you argue and justify the case that you presented.

Most of us are not from the industry so naturally won't know the technicality unless you read a lot of newspaper and have great general knowledge. Sad to say that I only managed to flip the LIFE section of the straits times at night or early morning while in the toilet and knowledge wise… it’s really very general.

Anyhow, I’m really grateful to have such experienced, wonderful and fun lecturers for my tutorial class. Thanks to their selflessness that we get to know actual industrial practices which I find more important and valuable than purely delivering from the book. I see passion in what they are doing… I hope I can have that passion too.

Talking about passion at work, it’s coming to 2 months since I joined back as a contract staff. I’m really happy and surprised to be warmly welcomed by my colleagues and even the CIO. I can tell that he wanted to give me a hug but he is a shy man… very shy.

My bosses are keen to convert me to be permanent and have arranged for jobs to keep me occupied. All seems smooth and too good to be true but how can my salted veg life be sweet? Politics has always been a favorite game played in this company and that is one of the contributing factors why I left previously. I can never outwit, outsmart, outdo these people and it’s not my nature to do so.

Chili (not her real name, her identity cannot be disclosed to protect myself), once my supervisor, my teacher, my example, my friend, my colleague for 10 years is playing the game against me. I was really shocked and bottom line disappointed. My return is actually a threat to her.

Now situation seems to have improved. I hope she has sorted out her thoughts and realized that I can never be a threat to her and it’s never my intention to sabotage anyone’s career.

Despite the little unhappiness, I’m still happy that I’m back and I’m still me.

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