Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SPCA... Help!

I’ve sent a SOS email to SPCA.

“I hope you can come visit this little puppy soon. Although I think its owner has given him sufficient food and water; this little puppy is deprived of freedom and attention.

When I first saw it about 2 weeks ago, it’s still very alert and curious when ever someone walked pass his cage which is placed along the corridor for most part of the day; everyday. Now, it no longer pays attention to passer-by and behaves rather strangely. Once I saw it tilt its head up high (in the picture, nose pointing towards the sky) with his eyes closed and ignore me when I walked close to it. I thought it was dead.

Now, its white fur is getting very dirty and doesn’t look healthy. Sometimes there are even faeces in the cage. Today I saw the puppy sleeping in a pile of torn newspaper.

This same cage was previously used to cage a rabbit about 2 years ago by the same owner. Likewise, the caged rabbit was placed along the corridor for most part of the day; everyday. Couple of months ago, I stop seeing the rabbit. They got hamsters instead but with proper housing. Again, they left the hamsters in their cage along the corridor. Now the hamsters were also gone.

I’m not certain if the little puppy is living in a good condition or is this case of animal cruelty. I hope you can have someone to look at the situation and perhaps educate the family to treat and care for their pets.

You can find the puppy at …(address).”

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