Sunday, March 2, 2008

Show me my $$$

I’m paying more and more for using public transportation run by private companies whose main objective is to make higher profits and never mind the crappy condition of the service tool that they provide cos little sheep like me have no choice but to take it.

This is the second time that I’m taking this bus with the air vent controller ripped off. My first encounter on this very bus was more than 1 month ago. I take bus no 159 twice a week after class and it’s usually very crowded.

Being very law abiding, considerate, thoughtful Singaporeans, Huimin & I will move towards the end of the bus… actually we spotted 2 empty seats right at the back row and nobody seems to be keen to take it.

So the two of us happily push our way through and plunge our ass on the seats and realize that we have reached the Artic North. The air con was blowing full blast at us. Luckily or unfortunately, I have prior experience in such situation except that time on bus no 153 it was one of those round turnable vent that was missing. I stuffed a huge ball of newspaper to block the blow.

Similarly, I folded a stack of newspapers (luckily Huimin had it with her) and stuff it up the huge rectangular hole. People around us who had avoided the seats and most probably were laughing at us for grapping them were impressed… or maybe embarrassed with their idiotism.

Second time on this same bus, we were blessed with 2 young boys who moved in to the corner seats and let us 2 fat old ladies take the outer ones. One ah boy dropped the bus a few stops after and the other who had his sweater on alighted not long after.

While I applauded SBS for its handicapped friendly bus and other minor improvements to make our traveling more comfortable, I think they need to focus on maintenance as well.

Speeding is another irritating thing that bus captain must be seriously punished. After causing the death of a young school boy at Hougang Central last year, bus captains of bus no 27 doesn’t seems to realize the importance of maintaining within their speed limit and driving carefully.

Why must pple only react only when something drastic happens?

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