Sunday, March 9, 2008

Capital Tower, Maxwell Mkt & Brad Pitt?

I had the chance to sneak into one of the world’s xx company in Capital Tower. James had to attend to a production problem there on Saturday morning and I took a free ride to town.

The view from the office was rather charming but what impresses me most was how successful they have institutionalized clean desk policy, the excellent working environment and staff welfare.

After they set some stuff running, we went over to Maxwell market with one of the lucky worker.

James and I went to queue for Zhen Zhen sliced fish porridge. We didn’t have to wait too long; I guess it was about 15 to 20 minutes. The other staff of xx company also ordered porridge but from another stall with lesser crowd but slightly better customer service… he gets to sit while waiting to be served.

When we joined him at the table, there was a woman sharing the same table and they were chatting or rather that woman was rattling while chewing mouthful of curry puff and some other fried snacks and coffee. She just keeps rattling… nothing can stop her! She talked about our porridge versus other stall’s porridge, her views on how to run business to her values and attitude towards life… blah blah blah… By the time I settled down to begin my breakfast, I had totally lost my appetite listening to her.

This woman is one of the stall assistant selling bread and muffins. Her creative boss named the shop Bread Pitt which is literally Brad Pitt with an ‘e’ in it. She brainlessly talked about how passersby stopped to take pictures and some scrutinized the bread without buying any, etc and that she has bluntly told them that they have to pay $5 for photo taking.

Getting annoyed, I turned around and snapped a photo. She was quick to say “nah, you also want to take picture.” I ignored her. She than tried to be funny and say “$5!”. I gave her a cynical smile and continue to ignore her.

View from xx Company

This is what I call a pantry. Apparently there is another better bigger one with not 1 but 4 very big LCDs at the other end. There is also a bedroom and disgustingly clean and huge toilet.

Even the discussion area is so much more appealing.

Zhen Zhen Porridge

Aunty busy slicing chunks of fish.

Shredded chicken with century egg porridge @ $3 each and yu sheng (Chinese-style raw fish salad or sashimi) @ $2.

Br'e'ad Pitt. Go check it out if you want to be drowned by splattering saliva. Fyi, she made the muffins.

Best tapioca cake & ondeh ondeh.

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