Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do animals have rights?

I got in touch with the SPCA inspector.

He saw the puppy in its cage at the corridor during his house visit but that slimy owner says she only puts the cage out when she is cleaning the house. Come on, want to cover your own ass also must come up with something more brilliant… she ‘cleans’ the house 24 by 7 ah?

So I guess the owner doesn’t clean the house anymore cos doggy gets to stay in. I asked the inspector what if the puppy remains caged inside the house. He says it’s a different issue but at least it’s not left outside abandon and subject to cruelty. To me, it’s the same.

According to the inspector, the puppy is 5 months old and the owner is ‘toilet training’ it. And part of the training process requires it to be caged, taught by some of the toilet training schools. Er… I have never kept a dog in my life but I do know that dog house does not equate to dog toilet.

Than she tells the inspector that they bring the puppy for walks. I haven’t seen that but to be fair I dun live next door and I’m not a stalker so can’t label her as a liar yet… till I request to view the CCTV at the lift lobby!

And sadly, it is not illegal to cage a dog 24 by 7 as long as its given ample food and water and is able to perform some basic stunts like turning 360 degrees to verify that its still sane. Crap. Where’s an animals right? The cabinet should discuss this issue in the next parliament.

The inspector will spot check on them 1 month later and in the meantime, I’m to help look out for any signs of cruelty to doggy, take down the details and inform the SPCA.

I can only hope that the owner hears the inspector’s advice and treats doggy better.

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