Sunday, November 16, 2008

What I have been occupied with lately?

1. Company annual charity festival.
Finally it has come to an end. For the past couple of weeks, I have been lunching in and staying late to help pack, consolidate the pre-sales orders of cakes, achar, curry puffs, muffins, jewellery…, pluck 6 kg of dao ge (yes… bean sprouts) and cracking my head on our stall decor cos I’m the designated creative director.

We came in top again, bringing in $16K++. Somehow I feel that everyone have their own personal agenda, it’s a competition to outshine each other, to show off what you can do, to satisfy one’s ego and to save face. These are carefully and beautifully camouflaged under 2 powerful words – Teamwork & Charity.

Of cos there will always be some background helpers who do not mind chipping in but more importantly; have no choice. Through this event, I got to know some people better and also see the true colours of others.

2. Roller Blading
Yes! I’ve finally gotten my own pair of blades & protective gears, put them on and made that first step.

I thought it would be difficult and ending up with bruises all over, but thanks to my “blade nanny”, I am able to stand, walk and slowly glide under an hour.

It was fun but not when SGNs half your age, with much less protective gear, fly past you with laughter. Kids….don’t know how to protect themselves. Tsk tsk….


:: sEcRet LaDy :: said...

i have been so long nv blade le.. teach me

Growl said...

u blade one time only hor. N still dunno how to brake. Ho ho ho

MooMoo said...

That's because I got other toys to play!