Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Taiwan - Day 4 (20 Jul 07)

Breakfast was delivered to our room at 9am. On the first day, the guy waited at the door to hand deliver the breakfast but on the 2nd day, they were left on the floor outside the room although on both days, they called to inform prior to delivery. The milk tea was nice, not too sweet.

We head straight to guang hua shang chang (our sim lim square equivalent) near zhong xiao xin sheng station to get my SD card. We bought a made in Taiwan 2GB SD memory card for TWD$950 which is about SGD$50... I hope we got a good deal. Anyway, from now on... it's trigger happy!

Next stop - Tamshui. Turning left at the MRT station exit, we see Mister Donut facing Dunkin Donut. Tough decision but the answer is clear, we had to try the much talked about Mister Donut and they are not available here or even Malaysia (I think). They are so yummy!

We walked along Tamshui Lao Jie and tried several local delights under the ridiculously hot sun.

We couldn't bear the heat anymore and since there isn't much exciting stuff to see at Tamshui, we decided to head for the Fisherman's Wharf. We took the ferry and it was the most horrible ferry ride ever. The sea was very rough, water was splashing in, the door ledge became loose swinging open... madness!
It was calm and windy on land. Fisherman's Wharf is best known for the sunset view but we will not be staying until than... still got other places to explore!
The return ferry ride was cancelled due to the rough sea... thank god! We will have to take a bus back to Tamshui. This kind uncle lead us to the ticketing counter to have our ticket refund. Check out his stylo hairstyle.
Back to Taipei and we decided to have dinner at the famous Ding Tai Feng at Chung Hsiao East Rd., section 4. Not that easy to find this place cos it's not located near the MRT station and we had to take a bus there.

There was already a small crowd outside the restaurant waiting to be seated when we got there around 6pm. Our queue no was 93 and there was about 17 people ahead of us. Luckily we didn't have to wait for long cos we agreed to share table with 3 other couples at a large table. One of our lao long bao (小龙包) 'broke' and the waiter took the initiative to gave us another. 2 Japanese ladies sharing the same table each ordered a lao long bao. The waiter tried explaining and gesturing the proper method of eating to them and even came back with a card illustrating the steps to eat lao long bao... how thoughtful. Somehow, the food dun taste as good. We can see Taipei 101 outside the restaurant and decided to head down by bus. They are building the MRT Xin Yi Line just next to the building. We bought tickets (TWD$350 each) to have a bird's eye view of Tapei at the Observatory on the 89th floor.
At Taipei 101 food court. This stall is selling food from Singapore Sentosa??
Back to Xi Men Ding. We bought prata with spring onion from this street stall but before we could get our hands on it, the stall owner ran away with his cart after seeing 2 policemen on motorcyle. Luckily they came back and continue business after the police were gone.

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