Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Taiwan - Day 5 (21 Jul 07)

Check out in the morning as the hotel was already fully booked for the next 2 days. We than proceed to check in at Future Star Hotel. This hotel is highly recommended in the web cos of it's close proximity to the MRT station.

Went to Jiufen and Shilin Night Market at night.

Future Star Hotel.

3 huge dogs on the streets.

Taipei train station.

Ruifang station going to Jiufen.

Fen yuan stall.

Fen yuan.

Grilled mushroom.

Sauage aunty acting cute.

Fried durian.

Yam kueh.

View from the top.

Figurine exhibition.

Cat guarding the fish balls?

The fish ball shop is full of the lady boss's photos.

Fish balls.

What is a priest doing here?

Seating near the train door.

Street performer.

Special zone for female at the MRT.

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