Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where is justice?

It's proven that the world adore 'Fake people'. I received news yesterday that one of the fakest people I know got promoted.

‘800 cutovers’ as he was widely known by colleagues who have been afflicted by him in some form or the other; is close to being a scumbag. He ain’t qualified to be given the title of a scumbag yet.

Speaking from my personal experience with him, he is actually quite a nice guy… likes to show concern, find out more about your job so that he can sympathize and than offer to talk to the bosses on how he can contribute, lighten and eventually take over it.

What saddens me more is the fact that bosses like such proactive, aggressive, kill-if-you-have-to, can talk big but never mind if can’t work attitude in staff. I guess from the bosses’ point of view, these are the attributes required of staff to ensure growth to their portfolio/Company.

In my opinion, bosses are indeed smart people who study the cycle of life – the food chain. They lure the ‘fake people’ with fame and status so that in turn they will help them achieve their goal in the corporate ladder. This relationship stays true as long as the ‘fake people’ do not one day overrule the bosses.

Down the chain are the hardworking souls who are simple minded enough to think that one day the bosses will acknowledge their contribution, patiently waiting for their turn to come one day... the bosses need time. It is this mentality that gives ‘fake people’ the opportunity to strike, do what they do best i.e. to play friend with the hardworking souls and at the same time suck up to the bosses.

‘Fake people’ are such despicable creature on earth… worst off than cockroach, rodent, etc.

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