Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Girl's Day Out

Dun recall the last time we hang out together for more than 8 hours. You dun really have time or rather can make time for your friends after getting married unless your other half happen to be busy at work or he can’t wait for you to leave his sight… which better not be the case.

Huimin came over last Saturday to waste time that will otherwise be painful if she had stayed home. For that couple of hours we chitchatted, snack a bit, laughed about someone’s past and also our past… remembering we would patronize Texas Chicken at Marina Square almost every weekend during school days.

Monday morning her dream came true… literally. She took urgent leave.

We met up at Hougang Mall Ya Kun before heading to Sunshine Plaza to show her this shop that sells food label prints bag… one of her current craze. But before that, we stopped by Daiso - unanimously our favorite store.

To the food label prints bag shop. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find the ideal piece to add on to her collection. Wanted to let her try Victor’s Kitchen dim sum but they are not open on Monday! We had Parklane zha wanton noodle instead. I realized later that we would have gone to have the wanton noodles at Lavender food court or the one at Rowell road. Anyway, we went to the coffee shop at Rowell road for a drink while on our way to Mustafa. I got my curry leaves and she bought henna hair dye.

Blink of an eye and her day’s leave has ended. We quickly went to take the train back avoiding having to clash with the after office crowd. We went to Hougang Mall cos she wanted to get the smiley face Figurine that will rock its head and leg under solar lighting at the comic shop. The ones sold at Action City, PS were much more expensive. We saw one that has 3 frogs moving their mouths… think that one will induce more stress than to release stress.

We had horribly sweet (thanks to that aunty) desserts at the new food court before parting.

We have known each other for 22 years and we have never lost that connection. Friend, hang in there. We know that the superior being above will not be kind to us, but we have learnt to accept and joke about ‘its’ blessing. Whether we like it or not, that’s Life… our life.

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