Friday, August 31, 2007

More rejection

Not job application rejection… this time is from someone very close and I sometimes refer him as husband.

Husband came back pass 2am this morning. He wanted to have noodles instead of rice to go with the dishes. So I cooked him dried instant noodles. When he was about to finish the noodles, he smiled looking satisfied and said to me…

Husband: “The instant noodle is good.”
Annoyed Wife: “Only the instant noodle is good?”
Husband: “The instant noodle is the best among all the dishes.”
Very Annoyed Wife: -_-


Couple of days ago, he took a muffin (instead of peanut butter cookie) I baked to eat.

Proud Baker: “You dun like the peanut butter cookie?”
Husband: “…er, I dun really like the butter...”
Proud Baker: “So you like the muffins?”
Husband: “… er…” (Shake his head)
Annoyed Baker: “Than you like the banana walnut bread?”
Husband: (reluctantly shake his head)
Annoyed Wife: “Than what you like???”
Husband: (act innocent)
Annoyed Wife: “I shall bake more so that I know which one you like…”
Husband: -_-

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Alison said...

hahhaa... :D ya. u should try to bake every type of muffin for him. LOL!