Monday, August 6, 2007

Saturday Dinner @ meidi-ya

We took the MRT to clarke quay and check out the mall. Went in to Taiwan Lao Zhao Pai shop at the basement. They are selling the fish cracker for $4.20 but online you can get it for $3.90. We got it for $3 (TWD$60) in Taiwan.

You can also get iron eggs, sun biscuits, pineapple tarts, plum wine, etc in the shop.

On the way to Liang Court, we saw satay club and it is totally different from what we had remembered it to be... rows of satay stalls, open air, smoky, no menu, encik in white top and shorts (sometimes sarong). Satay club has transformed into a posh high class restaurant and 1 stick of satay will cost you almost $1.

Liang Court is still the same, no new shops yet. We decided to have the Jap curry rice in Meidi-ya for dinner. There is a queue forming at the Jap restaurant next door. Think they are famous for their black pig cuisine. Must definitely try it one day.

Walked to Chinatown point for dessert. Ji De Chi is opposite Chinatown point, along Hotel 81. They are near closing time and have nothing much left to offer. We ordered sesame paste and steamed egg white in milk with sesame filling. Not bad but a bit sesame overdosed.

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