Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ironing, Life...

It has been a while I last ironed a piece of garment since almost all of my cloths are of materials that require no ironing. Ironing is one chore that really makes no sense. After all, the neatly pressed clothing will be crumbled once you put it on and does it really make you look smarter? Girls can easily get away since our fashion has so much variety but for the guys sadly, there is no escape for them.

James have been doing his own ironing (sometimes but rarely will he see a piece of blouse among the shirts) since no one else is going to do it. But my perfect record of absolute no ironing was broken yesterday… I ironed 6 shirts + 2 pants. Why?

Poor husband has been or rather have always been busy with work. Workaholic. He seems to be enjoying it although he likes to say he has no choice. Working till the wee hours of the morning and sometimes over the weekends… how normal is this lifestyle?

Anyway since I’m the less busy one, I decided to be wifely and ironed his cloths which are accumulating on the rack. Actually, I can see that he got worried about the pile up and resorted to wearing the least wrinkled one instead of picking an already ironed piece from the wardrobe. How smart.

I'm fully competent of the ironing job but I simply hated it. It's a mental resistance thanks to my traumatic childhood. I remembered clearly the days that I spent ironing my dad’s shirt, my school uniform and my elder sister’s RV school uniform. RV! The material is as thick as elephant’s skin! That was the killer. I hope the quality of material have tremendous improvement else the poor maids must be cursing and swearing. I can fully sympathize.

Oh well, thank goodness for easy iron & wrinkle resistance technology which makes ironing much easier now but still… I HATE ironing!

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