Sunday, June 22, 2008

The 7 Days Secret

2 days detox camp at RELC hotel.


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24 hour Magical Gallbladder & Liver Cleansing Techniques

Remove toxic substances from body effectively. Restore body vitality immediately. Eliminates tiredness/ Release tension/Improve health/ Prevents Diseases of the Modern Living /Say goodbye to Problem skin

Generally, for a complete treatment, gallstones disease is treated using medication, litholopaxy and surgical options.

But, recently in Europe, it has become popular to use a safe and natural method to cleanse the body environment, remove stone like toxic substances in the blood stream, causing bigger sized stones to disintegrate into smaller pieces, melt, and detoxify from the body.

After being cleansed, the risk of recurrence of getting gallstone is greatly reduced. It is a simple, economical, quick and powerful cleansing technique with no side effects.It has been proven that in order to remove recurrence of gallstones & kidney stones, a natural method is the only way to go!

Although the Western medical world will use surgery, anti-inflammation, anti-infection method, it has limited benefits. Side effects are significant and cost is quite prohibitive,treating the symptoms, not the causes.

In naturology treatment, it makes use of natural fruits and vegetables, coupled with bio-technology, totally devoid of toxins, painless. After a nap, the toxins and stones are discharged out. It is totally safe, quick, direct, painless, no harmful side-effects, solely targeted at the problem area, softens the stones, helps to disperse the heat in the body, helps in treatment of stones present in the kidney, digestive systems, urinary systems. This is not only a treatment but also prevention for everyone.

Miraculous Fasting Therapy

Fasting -------No injection, No medication, No eating of food, Ancient wonder medical science

Fasting has inconceivable power, it gives astonishing results! Just do a major cleansing to your body; it replenishes your life energy. It also cures strange illness that doctors are hapless, causing various health miracles to happen.

A life style of abundance just resulted in a weaker immune system, easily tired, lackadaisical, indulgence in food and drink, intestine and stomach filled with rubbish and residual waste, germs to grow, creating ideal conditions for all sorts of diseases to strike.

Melt Residual Waste---- Dispose Toxin -----Cleanse Body ----Restoring Health

  1. Improve liver function : Hepatitis, acne, freckles, measles, corn, lipoma, cornea illness, skin diseases, Hong Kong Foot, etc
  2. Strengthen your respiratory system : heart disease, cough, bronchitis, asthma
  3. Healthy digestive system : gastric, bloating stomach, bad breath, tongue infection, indigestion, no appetite, constipation.
  4. Full drainage system : burp, vomit, headache, dizziness, insomnia, lethargy, kidney infection, bladder inflammation and diabetes
  5. Purify blood vessel: artery rigidification atherosclerosis stagnate, high and low blood pressure, stroke, nerve disorder, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, high urine acid.
  6. Improve varieties of lifestyle diseases : leukemia, various types of tumor, cancer.
  7. The Fastest way to loose weight: Weight loss from 3-7 kg in 7 days, also cleanses the body system (skinny people may gain weight)
  8. Magical inner beauty: After fasting, the whole old skin will be replaced by a new skin quickly, the skin tone becomes healthy, soft, glowing and shine.

Remarks : Depending on individual healthy status, please consult professional before fasting.

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