Saturday, September 13, 2008

Complain to Delifrance

I just made a complain to Delifrance...

13 Sep 2008, 12pm.
The ONLY staff at Delifrance Terminal 1 Transit Mall West, Level 3 (near Cactus Garden) was horribly rude. She was on her mobile phone talking non stop throughout the process of serving me.

When I approached the counter to order, she looked at me while continue talking on her mobile. I ordered an egg mayonnaise croissant set when she looked at me and gave me that “Ya?” look. She than proceed to the other side of the counter (not sure for what) and came back. She prepared the croissant, put in the veg and asked me “what filling you wan?”, with the mobile phone clamped between the neck and shoulder.

The only consolation, she had gloves on one of the hand.

I keep staring at her. When she got my set ready, she didn’t ask if I wanted pepper on my sandwich, didn’t give me serviette, didn’t give me a receipt and didn’t thank me for patronizing. She was all the while busy talking on her mobile phone.

This happened to another tourist that followed.

I tried to take a picture of her but she was quick to turn and hide.

Such service standard at the World Class Airport is a disgrace to Singapore and Delifrance.

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