Saturday, September 13, 2008

Panic Panic!!! Typhoon Sinlaku!

This is better than striking 4D. Our flight to Taiwan was cancelled due to bad weather (thanks to Sinlaku)... and the announcement was made when it was OUR turn to clear for boarding after security checks.

Taiwan has been really nice to us... when we visited her last year; she treated us with the hottest summer in decades and now with typhoon.

Actually, we were kind of prepared for it. We were laughing at each other when the cancellation was announced at our face. This has been James's favourite site since yesterday.

Everyone paniced esp foreigners who have no where to go.

The flight is scheduled to fly tomorrow morning. The staff of Jetstar made arrangements for the passengers to claim our luggage and gave us the Jetstar hotline to enquire or rather confirm the flight schedule.

The tricky part was... their call centre is not 24x7 (closes at 8pm) and we are expected to arrive at the airport for check in at 7am. We dun wan to waste another trip down to the airport and than later informed that flight is not confirmed... which is very likely cos Sinlaku is expected to move away only after Sun or Mon.

SATS & Jetstar promised to give us a call to update... let's see if they really do.

Lucky we bought insurance.

At the immigration, the officers were definitely not ready for our immediate arrival. It was rather chaotic much to my surprise. I was pretty confident that they have SOP for such situations but...

The officers let us out from a well hidden side glass door. I can only hope that my status is back in Singapore and not currently out of country.

Dilemma... it is not ideal to be going up mountains. Are we to skip Taroko and venture other areas or postpone the trip or go Hong Kong instead?

Sleep first and think later...

Butterfly Garden at Terminal 3

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