Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ajisen Ramen @ Terminal 1

We had lunch at Ajisen Ramen at Changi Airport Terminal 1, before James fly off for his biz trip to Bangkok.

This self service outlet is next to the upcoming Imperial Treasure Congee and Hong Kong Noodles restaurant and Changi Kopitiam.

I spotted a false eyelash at the counter top when we were making our order. The staff noted that it was something that the previous customer has dropped and continues to take out order. I told him it’s a fake eyelash… he simply replied that he knows and ignored it.

Why couldn’t he just picked it up with a serviette or something and throw it away? But more oddly, how could that wearer of this fake eyelash not notice that it has fallen off and not picked it up?

That fellow must be blinking at the chef so vigorously that both false eyelashes fell off… one on the counter, the other in the ramen and mistaken as seaweed.

We finished our ramen and were sipping tea idling when I saw one of the staff standing in the middle of the outlet digging his nose… with both hands!

Disgusting or not… so much about the hygiene standard of Ajisen Ramen at T1.

Changi Airport Shopping Directory

Ton Taro Ramen @ $10

Cha Shu Ramen @ $10

Maki @ $2.80

Where's the other false eyelash??

Could it be still on the eye of one of these ladies with heavy makeup?

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