Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tong Shui Cafe (TSC)

New Year’s Eve dinner at Tong Shui Cafe or TSC in short at Singapore Changi Airports Terminal 2 was such a disappointment… so disappointing that James wrote this entry...

Decorated with the antique Chinese 70s look, pictures people of “lin dai yu” era. Even the cutlery holder looks good. They advertised that they are a Halal establishment prominently by placing the cert at the door. It worked, I would say more than 50% of the patrons are Malays.

Seems like a new setup, service staff is still learning the ropes. Heard a few plates breaking while we were there. Menu was priced such that everything is rounded to $xx.88. which means your tea costs $1.88, your noodles cost $8.88, etc. Kitchen also took a while to serve the orders. That also explained the queues at the door.

I had kimchi noodles with seafood. The soup had a fishy smell, and the fish was overcooked. Not very good. She had macaroni with stewed brisket. Also had butterfly wanton and 8 treasure tea. The tea came in a proper flask, but then they gave us just 1 styrofoam cup to pour the drink. So LC…., food was so so only…for the price, I rather hop over next door to have Sake Sushi.

Sequence of serving the food was a bit odd. The main course came first, and when we were almost done, the drinks came, then the appetizer.

What was annoying was that, seeing we were nearly finished, the manager got the waitress to send us the bill without us asking for it. Then he got a big group of customers to be seated next to us, knowing that there wasn’t enough seats. .”very polite” of him to do this. So well, we stood up to leave, and he was just waiting for that, he immediately swooped in to clear our plates. And when we were walking out, he didn’t even bother to say bye….

So in a nutshell, food is not worth it, service sucks, décor is interesting. I wouldn’t go back again.

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