Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Metro Expo Sale, Orange Julius

The Metro Expo Sale was disappointing.

Range of products was limited and those items on sale were not appealing and not cheap but we still manage to buy something… chocolates.

We bought some snacks from Orange Julius and so regretted it.

We bought Triple Berry Smoothy for $4.20, Primo Nachos for $3.55 and added $2.15 for Julius Original Orange juice.

First the good, service was alright. Now the not so good, the smoothy tastes like syrup drink, orange juice was terribly diluted. Imagine when I had the drink when young (many ages ago…), it tasted so great, packed a punch, but now, even the fruit stall at the kopi tiam sells better drinks. The nachos are not worth the trouble, tasteless…

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