Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Disney Naturally???

We brought en en to Disney Naturally again last Sat. Apparently he spotted the cartoon characters stamp at the counter while I was paying for the sticker during our first visit and he waited a week for us to bring him there again to get them.

As usual, it was full house. While en en was deciding which stamp he should get for his brothers and himself, I stole a shot of the food that a family (seated at the waiting area) was having.

The Mickey face shaped pizza didn’t look appealing at all. Another dish that looked like curry with bread looked stale too. The cutleries were all plain and ordinary.

Being the first Disney-themed restaurant in Asia, I’m very disappointed with the management. They are down grading Disney. Disney is a brand, a world renowned brand. Other than the price, nothing feels like Disney.

Services of staff are not uniformed, they dun even have anything uniquely Mickey or Disney on them. The merchandise are original stuff that we can get elsewhere probably cheaper, the cutleries should carry Disney characters. Overall, the place doesn’t excite a kid let alone an adult.

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