Monday, January 28, 2008

My Lizard Buster... Where are you???

Stupid lizard got news that my lizard buster is out of town and dropped by to visit me last night.

I hate lizards, in fact I have phobia of them. They are slimy, disgusting and totally useless. Their ancestors started terrorizing me when I was just a little girl and since than it has always been a life and death situation between us.

Without my professional lizard buster, I’m on my own to defend myself. Luckily the little fellow was rather retarded. I managed to spread it and immobilized it with almost half the can of insecticides. Next is another difficult situation, how to get ride of that yucky body.

The sight of it wiggling makes me sick. I have to shove it with plenty of newspapers slowly, pausing to recompose myself. Apparently that idiot was not dead and it somehow wiggle it way on to the paper. I quickly wrapped it up, stuff it into the waste bag, sealed it and disposed down the rubbish chute.


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