Sunday, January 13, 2008

Disney Naturally

Seeing that our dear nephew was feeling bored, we brought en en out for to see Mickey. A new theme restaurant has opened at Anchorpoint, the first ever Walt Disney makan shop in Asia (owned & operated by Global Brands F&B PL). Restaurant was pretty small in size, catering mostly to kids (what else…). Shop is divided into 2 sections, a general merchandise section and a dining section. The décor was bright and colorful, but somehow, it could have been more exclusive….well, it’s Disney after all.

Wanted to try out the mickey face shaped pizza, but restaurant was full with a long waiting list. So how about tapao, we asked? and the little waitress was eager to tell me that the pizza is in the shape of mickey’s head but said that the pizza will be cut up so that it can fit into a take-away box. Err, doesn’t sound very appealing leh….

so, alternative was to choose something from the merchandise section, it comes with a limited selection of t-shirts, sweets, stickers, cookies……En En was confused as to what to get…will it be the notebook, the sticker or the water bottle? Wha…stressing the little kid with difficult choices…hee hee….he wanted the stickers in the end. The stickers were priced at $2 but at the cashier, I was told that they cost $2.15 after GST. Shouldn’t the price tag be inclusive of gst already? And 7% gst is at $0.14, not $0.15!

Well, to balance off our disappointment of not being able to dine in and having to pay 1 cent extra, I took the remaining 2 balloons which were loosely placed around the restaurant.

The stickers

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