Monday, January 28, 2008

Pampering ME

6 months without income and now I’m about to burst my first pay packet pampering myself. First, I had my hair done at Kimage, a random saloon that I picked during lunch time. The stylist persuaded me to do soft rebonding cos my hair is dehydrated, lifeless, thick, etc. Well, ya I agree but I never really like straight Cleopatra hair style. The stylist assured me that it will tame those fly away hair, give life to it and it will definitely be natural.

I had wanted to perm my hair again but not when it’s longer and in better condition. I miss my big curls.

After 3 hours of ‘torture’ reading tons of magazines and almost got burnt by the inexperienced assistant who also can’t wash hair properly, my hair became damn straight, flat but I must say it looks better. I’m still getting used to the flat look and full of life hair that keeps falling over my face.

Although I can’t really stand that assistant who still wants act pro, I like my stylist. She gives suggestion objectively and is not pushy at all. She lets me decided after analyzing my hair condition and doesn’t nag at me to buy their products.

Now that I’m a member, I’ll definitely go back… maybe to highlight my hair.

The damage to my bank account… $237 after some discounts. It’s expensive but I find it reasonable comparing the pricing offered by other saloons.

Next, I went for facial and
far infra-red (FIR) room special at Lucy Belle. An ex-colleague bought them in from Taiwan about 2 years ago. She had the opportunity to get to know about Lucy Belle through a Taiwanese friend and after much research and experiment; she decided to open the 1st franchise shop in Singapore. She became a stronger believer in the system when her sister falls sick with stage 4 colon caner. Her sister’s condition has improved tremendously and had lived pass the expected time given by the doctor.

She is now very passionate about the technology and system that she wants to share and help people improve our overall well being.

I only came to know about Lucy Belle through ah nia about 3 months ago but I wasn’t interested than cos I was out of job and broke. Than somewhere in Dec last year, I was looking for cheap facials i.e. about $30 but I know its impossible and didn’t quite pursue it until one day I asked my lunch mates if they have any good facial place to recommend and one of them mention Nana (friend who bring in Lucky Belle).

I checked with ah nia again who has become a member and also swear that her serious conditions of sinus, backache, water retention and tiredness have improved significantly after the treatments. So I made my first appointment to go check out myself and to see Nana.

I was peeping across the street and smiling when I saw Nana. Apparently there was a miscommunication and my appointment was not fixed at all. Nana was quick to make arrangements and squeezed me in to try their facial and FIR, trial at $90.

Seeing Nana after years feels so good. We had a good chat, of cos mainly on the treatments she offers. For me, other than facial that will be on going, I also hope to fix my water retention problem.

The service is disgustingly good from the moment you step in till the moment you step out. I was lead to a private room where I changed and locked my stuff, than to have a quick shower before the 30 mins FIR treatment. It’s like sauna with temperature controlled at 42 degree max. Inside the little wooden room, you can either read magazine or sleep… naked. After a good relaxing 30 mins, I was lead back to my room for facial. The facial was good with massage on the face, neck, shoulder and back. The beautician’s massage skill is really power, forceful but not excruciatingly painful.

I think the whole process took about 3 hours but I stayed to chat with Nana and another colleague (I dono who) who also just finished her treatment.

I might be going for a body brush treatment that emphasize on the lower body. I’m supposed to take the 5 elements massage but I’m so not prepared to go through the pain process.

I signed up for the facial and FIR package. I find the price reasonable and affordable but I’m not going to reveal much cos James will surely have a heart attack. To him, these are all a waste of money… MAN!

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