Sunday, January 6, 2008

Haig Road Food Centre

Warong Sudi Mampir, one the stall that makes the best satay in town. The meat was chunky and well-marinated. The sauce has lots of chunky peanut was really very sedap.

I like the chicken better than the mutton. They are both @ $0.40 per stick.

They are open from 10am-5pm every day and closed on Wed & Thurs.

After having 10 sticks of satay, there isn’t much space left in my stomach for another famous dish in the food cente, Roti John. The stall is opposite Warong Sudi Mampir and has a crowd waiting for their take aways.

This stall at Banquet Food Centre along Haig Road sells only Putu Piring or Kueh Tutu. Even before the renovation, their putu piring have attracted many people who would queue for it.

We were once in the queue but decided to give it a miss this time.

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James said...

dear, it was beef and mutton.