Saturday, January 12, 2008

Something Fishy

A little crowd at the coffeeshop downstairs catches our attention. We were on our way out but couldn’t help be kaypo and detour a bit to see what the commotion was about.

Through the gaps I saw something big and scaly. I thought it was an arowana dargon fish (金龙鱼) that committed suicide by jumping out of its tank, flip cross the corridor and plunge to its death but NO… it was a big ugly bloody live fish with a crocodile like mouth.

Apparently, an uncle caught it at the canal along the serangoon park connector at hougang ave 7.

The crocodile face fish got the uncles excited when it flipped and struggled on the grass. One of
the uncles was even very determined to convince others that it’s a fish and not a crocodile. Another tried to impose a charge to view and take pictures of the fish.

Nobody knows what its real name is.

We didn’t stay to witness what happened to it. It’s unlikely that it will be released back in to the waters and I wonder if it will end up on the dining table tonight.

It’s definitely not safe in the canal.

When I showed its picture to my mum later, she say its edible.

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