Monday, December 24, 2007

Astons Specialties

I’m back at Astons Specialties for lunch, this time with James. On my previous visit with SGN, LKY & may, we were rather impressed by the quantity, taste and pricing of the food.

I ordered the CharGrill Chicken with French fries and coleslaw as side dishes. The chicken was tender, not overly grilled and goes well with the mushroom sauce. I also loved the coleslaw and French fries. Coleslaw was crunchy and aplenty.

James had the Prime Sirloin (medium done) with onion ring and pasta salad as side dishes.

Around 5pm, almost all the seats were taken up.

Astons Specialties

Bill - $18.90

Pot of Tea @ $2.50

CharGrill Chicken with french fries & coleslaw @ $5.90

Prime Sirloin with onion ring & pasta salad @ $10.50

Naked tree...

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