Sunday, December 16, 2007

Casuarina Curry

Casuarina Road, an estate beside Macritchie Reservoir, Upper Thomson is popular for the food. This row of party-wall with pitched roof fronting shops shares the same one way road with the landed houses on the opposite side.

A very long long time ago, James brought me to the Japanese restaurant – Tamako, a rather cosy restaurant and has reasonable pricing.

I have always wanted to visit the restaurant again but getting there can be a challenge.

For some reason, James loved prata and yesterday’s craving must be so strong that he die die wanna go get that prata from Casuarina Curry, formerly known as The Prata Shop.

It was quite crowded around 10pm and a group of about 30 youngsters who took the same bus with us packed the whole restaurant.

The restaurant is clean and front line staffs are wearing blue checkers top uniform.

We ordered & paid for 2 plains, 1 egg and 1 plaster with onion to take away at the counter than proceed to the ‘cooking’ counter, hand the receipt to the cook and wait.

To me, the prata was ok only. The plaster with onion was not as good as the one at boat quay and there is nothing especially good about the rest. I don’t like the gravy cos they added a strong spice that kills the taste.

Even The Roti Prata House at Upper Thomson tasted better, at least it’s crispy but I think the best prata is the one at Suntec City… not sure if its still there after food republic took over the place.

Hmm… the prata at the Muslim food stall next block also good and cheap.

Casuarina Curry


Mini Supermart

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood... very popular too

- Plain @ $0.70
- Egg @ $1.20
- Plaster with onion @ $2.50

Plaster with onion


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