Monday, December 17, 2007


James made ‘kebab look-alike’ for breakfast cum lunch.

For dinner, we had steamboat downstairs. It was so delicious. It has absolutely no MSG and no fishy smell.

It must have been a rather big pomfret cos the meat was thick and it cost us $26.60… according to current seasonal price.

- Indian roti garlic
- Minced meat
- Egg
- Mayo
- Tomato sauce
- Wasabi

Pomfret steamboat @ $26.60

Thick slices of fresh pomfret. The rest of the fish i.e. the bones, head & tail all went in to steamboat soup.

There were also yam, seaweed, tomato, toufu, ginger, spring onion & cabbage and no MSG.

Charcoal steamboat

What's left...

Cut red chilli

Homemade ice lemon tea

The steamboat reminds me of the one we had at Highland Restaurant located at Brinchang, Cameron Highland.

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