Friday, December 7, 2007

Nokia Music Bus

I took bus service 151 the other day and found that instead of the conventional two-person seats down the aisle, the seats were just one long stretch on both sides of the bus - MRT-style.

The white colored cushion seats were rather comfortable and spacious. There were also two 'bar-seats' facing the side of the bus and some 'lounge-like' chairs at the back (from the exit door onwards).

Somehow, I think this is not practical at all. Whenever the bus stops to pick & alight passengers, the passengers seated on board have to sway side by side. And through my years of experience riding with local transportation, most of the bus captains (I feel) like to jerk or step on the brakes unnecessarily to make commuters feel as though we were on rough sea rather than on land.

Well, on the bright side, I get to exercise my butt muscles gripping on to my seat, trying not to slide and knock into the person beside.

One more annoying thing to note is that I had to struggle to get up while the bus was still moving and make my way to the exit to press the bell cos the buzzer is only available near the exit door.

This bus is actually one of those Nokia music buses that was part of Nokia’s promotional gimmick and free rides were provided on special routes in Dec 06 till Mar 07. These routes were planned to cover areas in the vicinity of the pubs.

Music wise, it’s kind of irritating.

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