Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Games Children Play Today

Nintendo Wii.

Ask my nephews to hike at the tree top walk, they will sigh and slouch and pretend they never hear a thing.

But they can jump and kick for hours not feeling tired playing Nintendo Wii.

My dad spent about $800 on the Nintendo Wii. This is the most expensive ‘toy’ their doting grandfather has ever bought to date.

He had wanted to get another but more advanced remote control plane but my mum think that its time the kids do some exercise… indoors.

While we adults struggle to control the Wii remote and reading the manual, my 8 year old nephew plays every game like a pro.

Even the 3 year old wants to play.

Nintendo Wii & accessory

I was playing bowling with James

The kids watch while...

... their parents play table tennis

Playing boxing

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