Friday, December 14, 2007

My Mobile Communication

Mobile phone has evolved from a product of luxury to becoming a necessity in our daily lives and pagers have become (almost) obsolete.

I bought my first pager AVONT in 1997 for $99. It was a promotional package by Hutchinson. It was my first ‘high tech’ gadget and I loved it so much that I still have it today although I think it’s no longer functional.

Ericsson GH388, my first mobile phone was actually passed down from my dad. I remembered that the charges was so high (or maybe I wasn’t earning much back than) that I only used it when I’m outside; to return call to whoever paged me.

It was also an era that mobile phone was not so popular. There are times I got that ‘wah’ reaction when I used it.

Ericsson GH388

These are some of the phones that my dad uses to have.

Ericsson T18s

Samsung R210

Soon competition got wild. Consumers were given so many choices and it became a hot topic comparing who has the latest ‘in’ phone.

I think I changed to Motorola T180 about a year later when the Ericsson GH388 battery died. But I didn’t use it for long cos I ‘upgraded’ to Philips Genie Sport, an impulse buy. I was so in love with the design but I was lucky enough to get a faulty phone. The on/off button was so sensitive that it keeps turning on and off whenever something brushed over it. Even the technician couldn’t fix it.

Motorola T180

Philips Genie Sport

My next phone was Nokia 8210. It’s the smallest phone that I’ve got to date and I have it for many years before the next upgrade.

Nokia 8210

I wanted a clamshell phone and one with graphical display. Motorola T720 was my choice. After 2 years, I got sick of its clumsiness.

Motorola T720

While sourcing for my next phone, I wanted so much to get Pantech G500, Korea brand that was new to the market. Its retail price was so high (think it was about $700) but the support and trade-in value was not as attractive.

Than I saw Samsung E700 and I bought it without much consideration. This was my second favorite phone after Nokia 8210.

Pantech G500

Samsung E700

About 2 years ago, James bought me my current Nokia 7360 after the LCD of my Samsung E700 went blank. It’s a basic phone but it’s my 3rd favorite phone.

Nokia 7360

These are some of the phones that James uses to have.

Nokia E65 - currently using

Nokia 3230

Nokia 6110 - use during reservist

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