Sunday, December 16, 2007

Flood Flood!!

Heavy rain was pouring when we reached the MRT station near my mum’s place. We thought we would be sheltered most of the way and didn’t want to ask my dad to fetch us.

Luckily with our crocs, we didn’t have to worry about stepping into puddles of water, stepping on to muddy patch and slipping on the wet floor. We managed to cross the roads, passed through some estates almost half drenched.

When we were about reaching, the covered pavement between HDB flats along Hoy Fatt Road was covered with water. I think the upgrading works around the area makes worsen the situation. Muddy water gushes from up the slope on to the road.

These year end monsoon surges bring prolonged moderate to heavy rain and I have seen several large canals with water near the edge. I hope our drainage system can withstand and manage the increasing rain fall.

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