Saturday, December 22, 2007

Easy $, North Bridge Road

Yesterday I was paid $30 for a product tasting survey that took less than 20 mins, thanks to Chris.

This shop house office is tastefully decorated with simple arty farty furnishing. It’s spacious, clean and welcoming.

I was given three cups of chocolate milk that was code named as W14, W15 and W16. After taking a few sips of W14, I answered a series of questions asked by a young man who is most likely doing his vacation job. Before tasting W15, I cleared my taste bud with a cup of plain water and the circle repeats.

Can’t wait to see which packaging will be used by ‘M’ and is it W14, W15 or W16.

Going up for product tasting

Rich & Good Cake Shop has yummy swiss roll

Masjid Sultan (Sultan Mosque)

Malay Heritage Centre

Get any toys from Tai Sing

Rubik @ $1.50

Kandahar St

Arab St

Sasha's & Company

Jamal Kazura Aromatics

Sunning the carpets

Parkview Square

Killiney Post Office

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