Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre the 24 hour shopping mall for those who like to be spoilt for choice or simply wants a different shopping experience.

To me, it’s almost a complete store where I can get anything that I need at a reasonable price at anytime of the day. I can spend hours exploring the various items.

My first encounter with Mustafa was about 14 years ago, my poly attachment to a design firm at Serangoon Plaza. Back than, the shopping mall was very old and run down and it didn’t have such high human traffic.

My friends and I used to spend our lunch hour shopping for cheap stuff after having the best char siew rice at the nearby coffeeshop which has since been demolished.

Mustafa centre has also become the place for my weekly grocery shopping for 2 years when I was staying nearby.

Now, it is still our favorite place to shop.

Be dazzled by the jewellery display

Shafina cuisine (next to Mustafa)

Prata from Shafina cuisine

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Anonymous said...

dear, it's upper/lower pierce reservior. tsk tsk...