Monday, December 3, 2007

Chef's Gourmet Cafe

Chef's Gourmet Cafe Pte Ltd 厨记茶餐室, this restaurant along Upper Thomson Rd has a nice ambience and specializes in Macau & Hong Kong cuisine.

Note: Wet tissue provided cost 20 cents

Little flags of Macau, Hong Kong & Portugal

Ice blended Strawberry @ $3.90
Ice blended Yuan Yang @ $2.90

Special marinated chicken chop spaghetti @ $6.90

Spaghetti with mushroom tomato sauce tasted good but normal.
Marinated chicken chop was delicious, crispy outside and juicy inside.

Cheese ovenbaked pork chop spaghetti @ $7.90

Cheese goes well with the spaghetti and the pork chop was fantastic although it's a bit too thin.

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