Monday, December 10, 2007

Genki Sushi @ Forum

Workaholic had to work late on Friday and it was already 9.30pm by the time he finished. We had our dinner at Genki Sushi at Forum.

Last order is at 10pm.

As usual, I took pictures of the surrounding and the food but one of the ‘senior’ crew (she was bossing around) told me that no photo taking of their sushi is allowed. I looked around; there was no ‘no photo taking’ signage in the restaurant.

What’s the big deal about customers taking pictures of the sushi? Anyway, I stole a few shots.

Genki Sushi used to be the sushi place that everyone must go for quality yummy sushi but somehow the standard has dropped.

The Omu Yaki Soba omelette ($5.80) was terrible. The one at Plaza Singapura is ten time much better and cheaper.

The Agedashi Tofu ($3.80) was also disappointing.

We spent $42.44 after 10% credit card discount.

Goodbye Genki Sushi. Hello Ichiban Sushi, our new favorite sushi place.

Soft shell crab handroll

Omu Yaki Soba

X'mas decor in Forum shopping mall.

Top floor is where the rich will bring their kids to play shop and get fixed.

Merry-Go-Round, $2 per ride

Kids 21 boutique


Elmo: "Help! Save me from the kids!"

Dear rich Mummies And Daddies, please pay school fees!

Our future is here...

Wana ride?


Guess Kids

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