Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm A Bad Horse

好马不吃回头草... I'm not.

I’m back; back to the place that used to be so desirable, the place that I’ve wanted to leave so desperately, the place that I’m so familiar with, the place that I’ve been for 7 years, the place that I’ll be working at for the next 6 months.Exactly a year later, I’m back to my ex company as a permanent contract staff for 6 months. Nothing much has changed. In fact, I’m back cos the data are still messy and process still unclear.

I had wanted to keep it a secret and surprise my friends/ex colleagues but a busy little bird got wind and started to spread the news even before I officially report at work.

I’m delighted and touched that many colleagues still remembers me.

So far I’ve not been asked or hear comments like: why did you come back, you shouldn’t have left in the first place, you came back after all… but I’m sure they are coming soon… some people just like to spoil your day and put you down.

As far as I’m concern, I’m happy with the offer; something that I would never have achieved if I had not leave, and being a contract staff I dun feel pressured or have any sense of belonging.

Will this be the place that I’ll retire? Or my job hunt continues after 6 months?

What the heck, I dun even know if I’ll still be alive to update my blog the next minute?

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