Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bangkok Day 2 (5 Sep 07)

Serious shopping starts today!

After having breakfast buffet at the hotel, I set off to Central World which is very near the hotel especially with the sky walk - a walk way that connects a couple of the BTS skytrain stations and shopping malls along the stretch; and its beneath the skytrain track.

(BTS sky pass which is equivalent to store value card can be purchased and refunded at any station. Purse value at THB100, travel deposit THB30 and card fee with tax THB30. Total THB160.)

Central World opens at 10am and I was 15 mins early. Decided to make my way to MBK instead cos it looks pretty near on the map but it's a bit tricky cos the sky walk terminates at Siam Paragon and I was told to take another train line to National Stadium station from there. I decided to take some risk and walk.

I was doing ok until I took a left turn too early into one of the lane. I took out the map trying to locate the Hardrock cafe building which was facing me. Wrong move. A security guard (at least his uniform looks genuine) approached me offering help... he was very friendly and told me my location on the map and pointing to the surronding malls that I can also visit. I told him I was looking for MBK, he told me the mall will only be opened at 11.30am and I was too early. He suggested I go to this Thai Local Product mall that sells; as the name implies thai local product at local price. He said the mall is having 30 years anniversay big sale and the best part... sales ends today at noon. The best time is to go now and come back to MBK later. He continues saying that I need to take a tuk-tuk there for THB20 only and mysteriously a tuk-tuk appears!

I quickly said no and that I'm meeting a friend to go MBK. I think he wasn't enticipating such a response from me and he kept quiet. I even asked for the little piece of paper (later realised it's a local fast food outlet cut out coupon) that he took out to scribble the items that I can buy at that thai mall before scrambling off the watsons across the street.

Hang around in Watson for a while before making my way to MBK. I reached MBK slightly before 11am and it's already opened already full of people.

Went straight to the last level and survey the products level by level down. First item I bought - 2 silver chains (THB99 each). Bought 2 lesports sac (THB199 each) - 1 for myself and the other for Ms Ang. Also got her the original version white color 'I'm NOT A Plastic bag' (THB199). I couldn't find any shop that sells the food product label bag that Huimin wants. There is a shop that carries a few magazine cover bags and the closes I can find is the Heineken beer bag.

I couldn't find this cube form durian that will dissolve in water that SGN wanted. Went to at least 3 shops that sells local thai snacks but none seems to have.

Bought 2 100% cotton shirts (THB350 each) for James before heading to the food mall for lunch. I was told that any of the hair saloon in MBK charges cheaper than back home. I've been wanting to perm my hair again so after surveying a few saloons, I picked one to perm my hair (THB1,500 + 3% charge for using credit card). I had to use credit card cos I'm short of cash. I thought I won't be spending much today and hence didn't bring alot of cash.

One thing good about the saloon here... the girls do their work quietly. Hardly gossip and they dun pester you to buy products. My hair turned curly under an hour.

Time to head back to hotel. I realised that there is a bridge that links to Siam Discovery mall which connects to Siam Center than Siam Paragon and to the sky walk. Easy.

Got stuck at the Siam Paragon basement Food Hall. To many choices of food and I randomly bought a few back for James or rather for me to snack later. There is a huge aquarium at the basement but my hands are full and my legs were aching... shall come back tomorrow.

Silver chains.

Breakfast buffet (THB529.65).

Sky walk leading to Central World.


Duck noodle (THB40).

Sticky rice with durian (THB30).

Today's damage.

Snacks bought at Paragon.

Blogging at the lounge during happy hour.

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