Friday, September 28, 2007


I went for 2 interviews yesterday; both at Shenton Way. The first one seems promising; it was more like a chit-chatting session with the interviewer. We talked for 1½ hrs which left me with ½ hr to grab a quick bite at Starbucks before rushing for the second interview which lasted for about ½ hr.

I met up with Pig to have dinner at Beppu Menkan Japanese Noodle Restaurant (别府) at Tiong Bahru Plaza. We had a good time catching up… most of the time; it’s me who’s talking.

I’ve a $5 Beppu voucher for use in China Sq Central (Dinner Only), along with a list of terms & conditions. Anyone interested?

Later, we went to Redhill market where I meet James who was having dinner alone. We took a cab home. The rather elderly cab driver has a problem keeping his vehicle within his lane. He tend to gear towards his left… his entire body was tilted toward the passenger seat and he keeps cutting into the left lane but he honks at other vehicles that signals to cut into his lane.

Luckily we reached home in one piece.

Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell) @ $10.

- Age Dashi Tofu @ $3
- Hot Green Tea @ $1.50
- Complimentary Edamame (green soybeans)

Toy/comic shop at TBP selling mini solar powered head shaking figurine (太陽能摇头娃娃) @ $7.90 (blue one on the right).

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