Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crocs Prima

At last, I got my Crocs Prima Gold from OG, 10% off at $43.30 yesterday.

I’ve been hunting for that perfect shoe for my fussy little feet that can’t be pleased even by the $80+ Sole Lovers camel pumps from Robinsons.

The pumps were made of full leather but more importantly they are so soft that I thought this is it! Unfortunately, they were not.

Long gone were the days where I ran about in heels submitting drawings, stroll by the beach in heels; walk around all day in heels… sigh… process of aging?

The qualities of the shoe that my little fat feet are looking for must be:
1. Comfortable throughout the day
2. Kind to the toes
3. Not cause stress to the feet or ankle
4. Preferably flat if not wedges
5. Doesn’t need any plaster aid
6. Withstand the temperamental weather esp the rain
7. Slip-resistant soles
8. Easy maintenance & light
9. Good for work and play
10. Non expensive

Actually, I was pretty happy with Minou’s Ladies Executive shoe. I bought 2 pairs from them about 2 years back and they have served me well into their retirement.

They are unique, light, comfortable and durable. The only compliant was that the top are made of canvas and I get blisters when I wore them brand new. Being canvas also means difficulty getting dry when wet. I think my poor Minou’s life span was shorten by the daily heavy rain pours at the beginning of the year.

Anyhow, I hope my Crocs Prima can mold to my feet like they claim.

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