Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Uncle Jimmy

Today I received an email from Uncle Jimmy who has migrated to Adelaide, Australia. It’s good to know that someone remembers you even when they are miles away.

I’m glad to hear that he has bought an 82 year old house and has been kept busy attending to the details. He has a vegetable garden growing chili, tomato, lettuce, etc and even has a pool. How I wish I can enjoy such lifestyle one day.

I shall plan to visit him someday. I like Adelaide. I was there in June 2000 traveling with Huimin. I like the pace, the weather, the serenity, the sceneries, the lifestyle, everything.

Uncle Jimmy asked if I’m doing well in my previous company.

I quit in May due to health. Nothing alarming it’s just my body boycotting; refused to continue suffering in the poorly ventilated office. I have had persistent fever for two weeks for no reason and even went for blood test that only proves that I’m very healthy. I took 9 days out of 14 days of MC within 4 months of employment. And throughout the period I was constantly down with flu, cough, etc minor but dreadful illness.

My colleagues are also suffering but they being younger have better immune system. Tracing back into history, our office space was initially put up for a big boss and his secretary only but our dept of 26 (at that time, now much less) were packed inside. The air circulation was already bad and the historical building made it worst.

We highlighted the issue to the management and requested that they purchase an air ventilator or something like that for our office but till today, nothing has been done.Anyway, I felt physically tiring and guilty cos I wasn’t performing due to my health so I decided to quit before anything drastic really happen.

Uncle Jimmy understands that it is not a nice place to work in having experienced it when he had dealings with them previously.

Ok, let’s keep in touch and hope we can meet up soon.

Oh, do send me pictures of your lovely ‘vintage’ house ya.

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