Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bangkok Day 3 (6 Sep 07)

Checking my mails after having breakfast with James's boss and biz partner. Contemplating whether to go CentralWorld or MBK first to get some stuff for pig.


There was a fire outbreak at Mandarin Hotel last night, slightly past midnight. Witness say there were no fire alarm and the water sprinkles were not working. Few hundreds of tourists made out alive.

Due to the hotel's location, it was difficult for the firemen to reach and rescue the tourists. Even the helicopter was useless cos there was no landing pad in the surrounding buildings.


Decided to check out CentralWorld while on the way to MBK. This mall is mega huge! Interior is spacious and nicely decorated. The Royal Project initiated by the King is on exhibition now at CentralWorld in celebration of His Majesty's 80th birthday. His Majesty launched the Royal Project to help Hill-Tribes in Northern Thailand who practised slash-and burn farming and grew opium poppy. The exhibition opens on 4 Sep (the day we arrived in BKK) and ends on 9 Sep (the day we are leaving BKK).

Bought 2 pieces of top (THB199 each) and 1 bottom (THB99). Finally found the cube form durian that will dissolve in water that SGN wanted. It's actually vacuum freezed dried durian and it's not in cube form. 1 pack is THB145, 3 packs for THB400. I was happily taking those yummy snacks into my basket thinking I have plenty of cash today. The lady boss was smiling at me. Total bill came up to THB1140 and I was about THB400 short.

Time to act innocent, apologetic and sincere that I was really short of money (which was true). The lady boss helped me take out 2 items but I was still short of about THB15 (which is SGD0.60) and the nice lady boss gave me a discount. I promised that I will visit her again tomorrow with more money... that is provided I can find her shop.

Went to check the personal stuff that pig wanted. Too bad the latest design does not fit her criteria.

Left with only a few cents, I have no choice but to return to the hotel. Anyway, I was getting tired with all the walking. I can't even take a cab or train... not enough $! Hope this won't happen again tomorrow.

Back to hotel and snoozed for a while.

Was too exhausted to go anywhere further than Amarin Plaza to grab some snacks. I walked pass this shop that has a big fat pig on the glass wall and thought this shop sells everything pork only. I was browsing through the items and saw the vacuum freezed dried durian that I bought earlier and its selling at THB120 per pack, THB25 cheaper. So I bought another 3 packs cos SGN wanted 3 packs for himself.



CentralWorld - The Royal Project exhibition.

Local farmed crops by zone for sale. Soldiers can be seen packing vegetables and helping out at the cashier.

Siam Paragon.

Ronald saying Sawadeekup!

Thai snacks.

- Bucket of Seaweed (THB160)
- Pork floss (THB100)
- Dried, fried pig skin (THB40)
- Sun flower seed (THB45)
- Assam (THB30)
- Freezed dried durian (3 for THB400)

Vacuum Freeze Dried Durian.


No more money!

Snacks from S&P Pastry shop.

Styling spray for my new curls from Boots.

Ha Jee Lim Jing Heng Co Ltd.

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yoh ah mu.. u back liao ar.. haha nice shopping not? aiyo, after seeing ur post, i feel like going there now...haha i miss e shopping there. i missed e bargain...