Friday, September 7, 2007

Bangkok Day 4 (7 Sep 07)

Had breakfast at the Executive lounge. I didn't join James & the rest at the restaurant cos they had to reach customer site early today.


I was just about to start updating the blog when suddenly the power supply in the hotel was cut. Only the emergency lights were on. I'm stuck in the lounge with this elderly chinese Singaporean man who claims he is here to attend a board meeting before 'they' go for IPO. He is also a freelance consultant since after retirement. He shared with me that although working hard with brain and hands are crucial in one's career, we must let money earn money for us eventually. To do that, we must first accumulate a small fortune unless of cos we are born rich.

This man reminds me of Bronnie. Arrogant, proud of his achievement and never afraid to share his views, life experience and to the extend of teaching you to be that better person. I miss Bronnie.

About 10 mins later, power supply resumed.


I went to Big C Supercenter. It's right opposite CentralWorld and it's very near to the hotel. Holiday Inn Hotel and Intercontinental Hotel are linked and Intercontinental is linked to Gaysorn Boutique Mall. CentralWorld is right across the road and Big C is just two buildings down the road.

If not for my running nose and persistant sneezing, I would have caused much more damage to my or rather James's wallet. There are so many things to see and buy at Big C... C... Cheap. The atrium is packed with little stalls selling clothings, shoes, bags, etc and the supermarket is huge. The layout is somewhat like Carrefour and Giant.

I bought 2 shirts for James at one of the stalls for THB199 each and a scarf at THB100 cos I was feeling cold.

At the supermarket, I bought a bermudas for James at THB299, a t-shirt THB79, blouse THB159, 10 packs of instant noodes THB38 and many more... some cannot be mentioned... personnal items. Total spending THB1,030.50.

The Food Hall is on the top floor and there are also a few restaurants there. I decided to have Japanese food. Pork cutlet set at Yayoi for THB99 only. My trolley was parked near the counter and the waitress put a green net over and even secured it. I'm very satisfied with the meal.

The funny thing about the mall is that no photography is allowed. Big signs (really big) of a camera with a cross can be visibly seen at each level but I managed to steal a couple of shots of my food and the restaurant.

Time for happy hour.


James came back early and we went the Big C to change the bermudas I got for him cos its too big. Had dinner at this Thai restaurant at Siam Paragon and witness the real rich tai tai. One look at this lady you can tell she is wealthy, she might even have royal blood. My knowledge on branded stuff is limited so I'm not sure if she was wearing anything branded or if her jewels were real but one thing for sure... she has with her a male servant carrying her handbag. The male servant keeping her bag close to him; sat in a separate table having his meal while his lady boss entertains a group of foreigners (looks like they are from middle east) and 2 other rich tai tai in other tables.

Took the BTS from Siam to Chit Lom station (THB15), back to hotel.

Big C Supercenter.

Pork cutlet set at Yayoi (THB99).

Yayoi Jap restaurant managed by MK.

Some of the purchases at Big C.

Happy hour with snacks & hot milk.

Dinner at a Thai restaurant, Siam Paragon.

Chocolate moose cake.

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